HomeGuard Pro 10.8.1 Crack + License Key [Latest Version]

HomeGuard Professional 10.8.1 Crack With License Key [Latest Version]

HomeGuard Pro Crack is the name of professional software for controlling computer activity at home or in the office. Do you also want to know what other people are using on your computer? If you are the parent of a child, you probably know their curiosity well. In the articles on this website, we have prepared software to record activity on a computer. The HomeGuard Pro app can record all activity on your computer and automatically imposes many restrictions on your children’s Internet usage.

HomeGuard Pro License Key is an easy-to-use activity monitoring tool for monitoring and controlling computer usage on home and office networks. Additionally, websites can be blocked individually and lists and filters can be created by file type (.exe download or online flash game, for example). It also logs detailed program usage reports, including uptime, running time, bandwidth used, mouse clicks and keystrokes typed in each program. Block or limit the time of certain programs or games.


HomeGuard Professional 10.8.1 Crack + License Key [Latest Version]

The HomeGuard Professional  license key can also record computer software activity in more detail. This includes the duration of software usage, bandwidth users on the Internet, recording keyboard and mouse clicks, game execution, and much more. This software can capture Windows activities in the form of photos and videos, such as importing and removing a flash drive to a USB port, internet conversations, sending and receiving emails, and monitoring other activities in full.

HomeGuard Professional 10.8.1 Crack With License Key [Latest Version]

Also, HomeGuard Pro Keygen is a more paid program. However, don’t worry, you can download it from our website without paying cash. Apart from providing friendly distractions. You can easily share it on your device with other people. It contains all the features and mugs that any user would want. It has frequent resolutions that do not affect the human body. HomeGuard works like a fast machine. Its performance is due to its quality characteristics. It will never give you a bad moment.

HomeGuard Pro 10.8.1 License Key [Latest Version]

The surveillance data collected by HomeGuard Professional Crack on monitored computers (clients) can be viewed remotely using the HomeGuard server component, which automatically and securely manages the audit trail database synchronized with the client computers. With support for 256-bit compression and encryption. Transferred to the network. The server component runs as a Windows service and can also be used to remotely change monitoring and blocking settings.

HomeGuard Professional Keygen is nearly impossible to tamper with, cannot be bypassed using a proxy server, and can be closed and uninstalled unless the administrative password (provided during installation) is used. HomeGuard for PC monitors all activity on the web and automatically blocks all pornographic content on web pages and search results. Filtering pornographic content specific to that page and, in addition to blocking all pornographic sites, it also blocks inappropriate content on dangerous sites, such as newspapers, blogs, and magazines, thus allowing access to all other pages on the same site.

HomeGuard Professional Serial Key can capture window activity in the form of both photos and videos. How to import and delete a flash drive to a USB port. As well as internet conversations, sending and receiving emails and complete monitoring of other activities. Now you are familiar with this powerful software. Plus, you can download the latest version of HomeGuard Pro with a complete crack here. As well as solving identified problems by changing notes in just seconds. Besides, it contains all kinds of cutting-edge partnerships. That’s why this program is best known around the world.

Main Features:

Block sites by name or URL, blacklist, and whitelist

Block access to sites in the predefined ‘block’ list. Or allow access only to sites on the ‘whitelist’, blocking all other sites. The details recorded include the time spent on each site and which programs were used to visit the site. As with the content/pornography filtering above, the use of a proxy server to prevent blocking websites will not work.

Filters pornography based on website content, not just name

Automatic filtering of the website content, chat messages, and e-mails for pornographic or inappropriate content or word lists that you specify. Filtering of Internet content is inevitable by using a proxy server, all Internet traffic is filtered regardless of port or destination, while reducing CPU and memory usage through the use of advanced search and identification algorithms, adding very little computer and Internet speed with no overhead.

Keylogger tool

Secretly record all keystrokes, including usernames, passwords, chat messages, and e-mails along with the typing time for each segment, program keystrokes, and window titles while typing. Includes full support for languages ​​that use non-Latin scripting (Unicode).

Screen capture based on time and event

Take screenshots at set intervals and times of day and days of the week. By default, HomeGuard Professional Crack will take a screenshot every 10 minutes every day but can be configured to take a screenshot every 2 seconds. You can also take screenshots when websites are visited, keywords are found, chat / instant messages or e-mail messages are sent or received, programs are started, files are printed or you can just save screenshots of blocked events.

Web file content type blocking

This feature is quite radical, but can be useful … Block Internet content by type, for example, you can block all online and flash videos (for example, PornTube and the like, but also YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo … etc), other elements of The web page will still be displayed (unless they are also of the blocked type), but all videos will be blank. Use the built-in type list (including exe download, script, video ..) or add the custom type (MIME).

Limit the program/game usage time or block the program completely

Determine the times when each program can be used and for how long. Or block certain programs completely. This feature is designed with games excessively / addictive. A blocked program cannot be opened by renaming or moving the program, once the program is added to the black list, its signature is calculated and stored and will be recognized no matter where it is on the hard drive or whatever its name is.

Web search monitoring and blocking

HomeGuard Professional Edition Cracked View search terms in all search engines and block pornographic content in search results by implementing SafeSearch.

Detailed program usage statistics

Record the total running time of the program and real-time spent on each program, how many words and characters were typed and the number of times the mouse was clicked on each program, the total bytes sent and received by each program, and much more.

Limit internet and computer usage time

Set a time and/or day of the week when the computer and the Internet can be used. Time limits cannot be manipulated by changing the system time; By default, HomeGuard blocks system time changes for all users and you can define a user list to allow changing the time.

Monitor and lock USB storage media

HomeGuard Pro Crack Monitor and, optionally, lock removable devices such as USB flash drives, external hard drives, etc. is useful for avoiding sharing pornographic files or protecting your computer from viruses and spyware that are sent to flash drives.

Network monitoring and blocking

Allows you to monitor and block individual Internet connections by port and IP address. It can be used to block certain Internet protocols (for example, peer-to-peer file sharing). HomeGuard also tries to detect the connection protocol type and will display detailed statistics on connection duration and bandwidth used.

What’s New?

  • Monitor and block files: Monitor and block deletion and movement of files.
  • Printer Monitor: Monitor printed files and/or block printing completely.
  • Monitoring of specific users and times: Choose which users to monitor and at what time

HomeGuard Professional 10.8.1 Crack With License Key [Latest Version]

HomeGuard Pro License Key:


HomeGuard Professional License Key:


HomeGuard Pro Serial Key:


System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions)
  • CPU: 300 MHz processor.
  • RAM: 128 MB RAM (memory)
  • HDD Free Space: 70 MB free disk space.
  • Internet access.

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